Minimal STR: 13 Minimal COU: 12
No max values
Starting HP: 35
No full armor or enchanted armor
No shield
Doesn’t use crossbows, parchments, magical objects, or enchantments (except weapons)
+1 ATK, – 1 PRY

I am a barbarian. Nothing to do with peasants. I was born in the Great Planes, where we hunt hairy beasts with spears. At night, we tell stories of brawls around a campfire. So me too, I wanted to leave to hit people on an adventure. I avoid complicated things in life, I don’t really like magic. I don’t like much of anything, in fact, aside from the wind in my hair, hitting people, testing out new weapons, and training. I never wear large armor, because it’s for sissies, and it keeps me from moving. I don’t know how to read, but its okay because books talk about uninteresting things. Sometimes, I speak to a god. His name is Crôm. He likes hitting people.

I am born with the following skills:

Smelly Feet: If the hero takes his boots off, he repels all animals when he sleeps in the open. In a room, he inconveniences his teammates, who sleep less well (-1HP recovered that night)

Empty-Headed: Psychological spells have no effect on this hero, because he does not have the mental capacity needed.

Ambidextrous (DEX): Starting at level 2, the hero can wield a weapon in each hand. This doesn’t help much, except that he can attack twice per round if he has a DEX of at least 14. This, of course, gives him twice the chance to hit himself…

Scuffle Seeker: Unless surprised, the person who knows how to find scuffles always hits first when he is in melee combat with an enemy. This avoids going to the COU score, and that can make a difference against someone with a bigger sword.

I can learn the following skills:

Violent Weapons
Its for Sissies
Shoot Correctly
Ride Mount


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