Paladin of Slanoush

Manual for
Paladins of Slanoush

You chose to de a paladin of Slanoush. You will have the chance to use karmic astral energy, energy given to you by your god to carry out his will. Each paladin of Slanoush has a certain amount of karmic astral energy, and by using his charisma (and sometimes a bit of intelligence), combined with his energy, he can influence reality by calling the gods to his side. If that fails, he hits things.


The spells are accessible based on your level. But sometimes, of course, it doesn’t work. In any case, you won’t be able to use your powers unless you have a Slanoush relic (that you will have to buy, steal, or trade for. It’s up to you). Relics are sometimes available at temples and certain shops. You can also find some while killing people, which is much more festive. If you don’t have a relic, you can still fight like anyone else, just without spells. You will thus be ‘aspiring paladin’.


Slanoush is the god of secrets, vices, perversion, psychology and dreams. He knows the secrets of the Universe, like, for example, the recipe for hazelnut spread. He knows how women think. He understands why men buy large quantities of useless crap. He is a strange demon, who guides his followers in numerous indecipherable disciplines: even those leading the cults aren’t able to explain what is going on, and that actually gives him a mysterious aura that makes them even more popular. As to the vices and perversion… The disciples often perform rituals that nobody wants to explain.

Their social chair is in the Temple of the “Reformed Church of Slanoush”, in Glargh. Warriors and most of the followers like to wear yellow and advertise without secrect their religion everywhere. When they congregate, they use a rather complex code of hierarchy (purple, blue, maroon, etc). Its not always readily apparent of what the code is without being initiated.


Slanoush is not a god who asks for much. Like all gods, he asks for a daily hour of prayer/meditation/lecture before granting the follower his word. If this prayer isn’t performed, the spells will not be granted the following day.

  • You must bathe at least once a week (better not be a dwarf!)
  • You may not wear a full set of armor. Slanoush likes that his followers show off their body. They may not wear more than two pieces of armor at one time
  • You may not resist any advances of a person of the opposite gender if their charisma is at least 12.
  • You may not participate in a quest that favors another god.
  • You may not socialize with a priest or a paladin of another religion (Slanoush is very jealous).
  • You may not use 2 handed weapons. Slanoush likes refined things.


Level 1 Spells

Eye of Slanoush

The Eye of Slanoush allows the caster to see, as long as the spell is active, through certain walls, doors, chests, purses, clothes, etc…


  • Search, spying, voyeurism
  • Not applicable in combat situations

Length of prayer: 6 seconds
Duration: Variable
The paladin can use this spell as long as they continue to spend AP
Maximum of 1 minute per level

Cost: Variable
3 AP per minute
Check: Psychological magic
To see through the clothes of a mage or other paladin, add a check for the target to resist the magic

Distance: 20m
The paladin’s vision can see through one object at a time, with the exception of clothes that form multiple layers

Prayer: Yuk azado Slanouch
To repeat multiple times while whispering
Often, you’ll look stupid, but oh well

Other Notes:
The paladin needs to concentrate and cannot fight or do other complex actions at the same time. They can tell what is in a closed room, inside a chest, behind a wall, in an opaque vessel, or under the dress of a pretty noble girl. This gives the paladin a form of selective dark vision, since they can discern things that are in complete darkness.
Meanwhile, certain enchanted doors, walls imbibed with magic, and otherworldly creatures can block, completely or partially, this vision.

Critical Fail: Caster generates an entropic spell.
Critical Success: Do not spend AP, and spell lasts five minutes.

Slanoush’s Lay on Hands

The paladin of Slanoush can heal small cuts and give life energy into a target of a their choosing, as long as it is a humanoid creature.
To do that, the caster must use both hands and transmit life energy on the naked chest of the person to heal. It’s a little strange, certainly, but that’s Slanoush.


  • Heal minor injuries.
  • Recover a certain amount of HP
  • The paladin cannot heal themself.

Length of prayer: 15 minutes

Cost: Variable
1 AP of the paladin is converted to 1 HP for the target
Maximum of 1D6 per level

Check: Psychological magic
Benefit: Target recovers HP

Distance: Contact

Prayer: Relaxing psalms, held secret. Cannot be heard by others.

The paladin must isolate themself from the person to heal, or at least have absolute calm.
Next, the paladin applies their two hands on the target’s chest.
The target must remove all clothes from the waist up.

Other Notes:
This spell cannot repair fractures or fix problems linked to serious wounds.

Critical Fail: Target takes 1D6 damage.
Critical Success: AP cost is halved.

Paladin of Slanoush

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