Tzinntch Magic

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Manual for the Tzinntch Mages

You aren’t like other mages. For you, all that matters is power and destruction, and you want to quickly have access to the most dangerous disciplines. You have been able to study certain magic specialties, but that wasn’t enough for you. That’s why you joined the ranks of the black disciples of Tzinntch.


The mage aligned with Tzinntch adheres to a sect in the singular goal of gaining power. They do this to the detriment of their sanity. The bad reputation of the cult is not surpassed. They aren’t interested in anything other than the most violent disciplines and are considered by others as ‘aesthetes of suffering’. Their spells are among the most sadistic and deadly.


  • The mage has access to all generalist spells at their level +1
  • The mage spends 1 less AP for each generalist spell (min 1)
  • At the beginning of their career: +5 AP and Cha + 1 (permanent)
  • The mage has access to spells reserved to cultists of Tzinntch, and their gear.


  • The mage cannot choose any other specialization
  • The mage must save 50% of their earnings to give to the cult.
  • At the beginning of their career: -5 HP and Str-2 (permanent)
  • The mage earns 1D6-1 HP at level up if they increase HP.
  • The mage must wear the black robes of the order and it must be visible.

The payment of the earnings of the adventurer will take place between two adventures, or each time the mage passes close to a cult during an adventure. It is useless to try and cheat or spend your money ahead of time: the masters of the sect will read your thoughts… All shortchanging will see the mage sanctioned or banished.

On the other hand, the gear sold by members of the sect is generally better and less expensive than that which is found on the regular market. Also, other mages won’t be able to use it.

Tzinntch Spells

Level 1 Spells

Compression of Gonads

The genitals of the target (males only) are suddenly taken in a magic vise. This spell doesn’t cause damage, but the pain is intense enough to strongly deconcentrate the adversary and will cause them to lose time.


  • Curses one target
  • Immobilizes target
  • No effect on demons, magical creatures, elementals, spirits, or the living dead.

Length of Incantation: 1 round
Length of Spell: 3 rounds
The target is unable to act during this time

Cost: 4 AP
Check: Physical Magic
Check only needed until level 5
Target rolls to resist spell

Distance: Up to 10m
The mage must distinguish the target, but the target can be partially hidden or behind others

Word of Power: Balduzha
The spell can be cast silently starting from level 6

Other Notes:
Since the beginning of their adventuring career, the Tzinntch mage demonstrates, by the use of this spell, that they won’t back down from anything to access supreme power.
People who resist magic, however, have lessened chances to be affected to this curse.

Critical Failure: An ally of the mage, or the mage themself, is affected by this curse.
Critical Success: The victim loses 2 HP and is immobilized for 6 rounds.

Arrow of Black Fire

The mage can rapidly shoot a small arrow of strange fire of Tzinntch, from his hand or tip of their staff, that cruelly damages the target.


  • Projectile targets one object
  • Causes magical damage
  • Can damage any creature or spirit

Length of Incantation: 1 round
Length of Spell: Immediate

Cost: 3 AP
Check: Physical Magic +2
Check necessary only until level 5

Damage: 1D6+3
Don’t forget your Int bonus

Range: Up to 10m
Calculated in a straight line from the mage
Doesn’t cross obstacles other than paper
Doesn’t track enemies

Word of Power: Azhul
Silent from level 5

Other Notes:
This energetic arrow of unknown material is the basic weapon of the young mage of Tzinntch, as long as they have AP at their disposal. Even with a lot of intelligence, it will never cause fantastic damage, but it is nonetheless dangerous enough to seriously wound others.
The quickness of the incantation allows to cast one each round.

Critical Failure: Applies the result of critical failures of spells.
Critical Success: Double damage.

Hammer of Jarmass

The magical staff of the caster, whatever the type, is reinforced during the time of combat, and the power of impact is added by magical effects. It becomes a rather effective in close combat. It can even damage creatures invulnerable to non-magical weapons!


  • Additional damage in close combat
  • Used by the mage only
  • Magical damage, requires a staff

Length of Incantation: 2 rounds
Length of Spell: 1 fight

Cost: 5 AP
Check: Int
Check necessary until level 5


  • Damage of staff is 2D6+2, whatever type of staff it is (if your staff is stronger, this spell overrides it)
  • Breaking point: 1-2
  • Damage produced by the staff is always blunt, but also magic, and thus hurts most creatures
  • Effective during the length of the current fight

Range: Contact

Word of Power: Z’badolo
To be said vindictively

Other Notes:
When there are few astral points remaining, rather than cast more spells, the mage can join their comrades in combat, and hit their enemies with their staff.
Careful, though. While the damage of this spell is pretty good, the mage is still fragile and will become an easy target.

Critical Failure: The staff breaks under the strain. It can be saved if it beats the base break point of the staff.
Critical Success: It costs 2 AP

Tzinntch’s Breastplate

This spell gives a magical armor bonus summoned by the caster, that adds to existing physical armor during the length of a fight.


  • Protects mages
  • Magical AR bonus

Length of Incantation: 1 rounds
Length of Spell: 1 fight

Cost: 4 AP
Check: None


  • Levels 1-3: +3 AR (magic)
  • Levels 4-6: +4 AR (magic)
  • Levels 7 and up: +5 AR (magic)

Range: Contact
Targets caster only

Word of Power: Bluz’ah

Other Notes:
The low HP of the mage is often a source of problems. They can use this bonus armor to save their skin in difficult moments.

In case the caster receives a critical hit, since they ignore armor, only the magic bonus will be applied to reduce damage.

Vortex of Misery

Here is a spell to set the mood during nights on the town… After a few seconds of concentration, the caster is capable of producing this diabolical effect, that presents itself as a black, rotating wind charged with poisoned miasma that seeps through skin. Plunged into darkness, victims are thus immobilized before losing some of their life force.


  • Area of effect targets multiple targets
  • Can be cast on a target or a zone
  • Causes magical damage
  • Can damage any creature or spirit
  • Can hit allies and the caster
  • Does not damage furniture

Length of Incantation: 3 rounds
Length of Spell: 8 rounds
During this time, targets are thrown into moving, poisoned darkness

Cost: 12 AP
Check: Physical magic
Check needed until level 10

Damage: 2D6+3 per target
Don’t forget your Int bonus
One check for each target
Int bonus applies to each target

Range: 20m
From the caster to the middle of the zone

Area of Effect: Circle of 6m
Hits enemies and allies in the circular zone of 6m in diameter
The vortex doesn’t move

Word of Power: Nal sotah kolh
Add your most evil cackle

Other Notes:
The poison of the vortex seeps into skin. There is no use in holding one’s breath.
There is no interacting with the targets during the spell, because they are surrounded by an impenetrable, obscuring mass. The targets cannot take any actions, either.
You can benefit from preparing your next step, or take flight if you were in danger.
The biggest problem with this spell, other than its consumption of astral points, is that you can’t get carried away and cast it just anywhere. Many black mages have been jailed for having killed their party.

Critical Failure: Consult the spells critical failure table.
Critical success: The cost is only 8 AP.

Tzinntch Magic

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