Fire magic

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This discipline is particularly oriented towards violence, contrary to what some egocentric professors say. Fire burns, destroys, and generally causes large amounts of damage. It doesn’t have any sort of intelligence, and is rarely selective, which has consequences when things go awry and teammates get hit. Nevertheless, there are a few innocuous spells, strictly utilitarian spells, or even aesthetic spells. There are even spells for amusing friends. In combat situations, this is the ideal to cause large amounts of damage with the most efficient use of astral energy, especially in the early levels. It has to be said that few creatures resist fire, aside for dragons and demons. This is not the case for ice magic, for example, where you can bring a heavy sweater and be okay. That being said, unless you are a pyromaniac, it gets rather boring rather quickly.

Level 1

Alteration of Fire
With this spell, you can, at range, make an impressive flame out of a spark, or conversely, reduce an inferno to nothing. It is ideal to sow panic among peasants or distract guards. This is very useful when you are camping and “it isn’t taking”. At high levels, you can cause a firestorm from the smallest of candles.

Minor Fireball
The minor fireball is the first combat spell available in almost all domains of magic. It is both effective, useful, and festive! A ball of fire materializes in the caster’s had, who guides it at will to any target. It is unfortunately adaptive, doesn’t pierce armor, and doesn’t travel far.

Kundarian Glyph of Protection
Ingredients: powdered Morshleg’s claw
This spell is extremely dangerous. It only appears in the level 1 spellbook because of a clerical error. It is a trap designed for confined spaces. It is a very short ritual; the caster traces a ghyph on the ground with the powder while chanting the incantation, and the trap will activate when a being, alive or undead, crosses over the glyph. A torrent of lava surges forth from nowhere, severely burning everything in it’s path.

Cursed Matches
Ingredients: goblin black powder, oil
This spell is as amusing as useless, and is usually only used as a practical joke. Joke is to perform the ritual ahead of time by dipping the match head in black powder soaked in oil. When the match is struck, it makes a small explosion, strong enough to singe beards, hair, or eyebrows.

Level 2

Major Fireball
The major fireball is a much more lethal version of the famed small fireball. The improvements, other than considerably more damage, include weakening armor (that is worth about half the cost right there) and can be augmented with effects that reduce magical protection. It also has a better range, and it’s characteristics evolve with higher levels.

Major Firecube

Works like a major fireball, designed for aesthetic mages who are tired of monotony.

Protective Ring of Fire

Omnidirectional shield that revolves around the caster or a humanoid target of choice. Helps parry most of the conventional attacks, and inflicts fire damage on the attacker.

Zephyr of Flames

A vulgar tornado of flames shaped like little vortexes, dealing damage to everything in it’s proximity. A little dangerous, but very festive. Watch out for your buddies, because they don’t like seeing their new backpack turn to ash!

Fire Shield

Available in ‘buckler’, ‘square shield’ or ‘tower shield’. Very useful for improvising parrys. The spell is almost instantaneous: it works on a power word one syllable long.

Fire magic

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